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China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing Won The Honorary Title Of Excellent Honest Entrepreneur In Shandong Province

257 Date: 2022-01-05 Tag: China Coal Group excellent entrepreneur

Recently, under the guidance of Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Shandong Integrity Construction Promotion Association organized relevant experts from provincial organs, colleges and universities and legal circles to carefully and comprehensively evaluate the materials of excellent integrity entrepreneurs in Shandong Province according to the general rules for the evaluation of integrity entrepreneurs DB37 / T 4120-2020 issued and implemented by Shandong provincial market supervision and administration Rigorous review. After examination and approval, Comrade Qu Qing, chairman of China Coal Group, was rated as one of the first batch of excellent and honest entrepreneurs in Shandong Province.

As a national, provincial and municipal key support enterprise, since its establishment, with the strong support of governments at all levels and under the leadership of Comrade Qu Qing, chairman of the group, China Coal Group has adhered to the development concept of "reputation is the quality of life for survival", adhered to the service concept of "performance and trustworthiness, user first" and firmly established the business principle of "integrity-based, quality first" for many years, Pay attention to enterprise reputation, abide by good faith management, and provide high-quality products and services for customers at home and abroad. In terms of product quality management, the group adheres to the global development strategy based on the world and looking at the world. It has successively passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, SGS international authoritative certification, German TUV certification, EU CE product safety certification and other international authoritative certification. With many years of integrity management, China Coal Group has been rated as a national, provincial and municipal contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, "China AAA quality abiding and trustworthy enterprise", Shandong integrity construction demonstration unit etc.

In one belt, one road leader in the new era is the chairman of the canal. He led the company to work hard to build the image of the country and build up its internal strength. It aims at building a first-class enterprise in the country. It has positive social and industrial influence in the transformation of new and old energy, innovation drive, rural revitalization, stable employment, social responsibility and "one belt and one road" construction. Qu Qing, chairman of the board of directors, has been successively rated as excellent entrepreneur of China's machinery industry, excellent entrepreneur of Shandong Province, excellent chief data Officer (CDO) of Shandong Province, leader of big data industry of Shandong Province, excellent chief information officer of Shandong Province, leader of demonstration enterprise of integrity construction in Shandong Province, advanced individual of integration of industrialization and industrialization in Shandong Province, excellent entrepreneur of Jining City Jining City has the honorary title of being an innovative and advanced individual. He is the vice president of Jining Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), a member of the 13th Executive Committee of Jining Federation of industry and commerce, the vice president of China school enterprise cooperation alliance, the executive director of the fifth Association of Shandong Province, an expert of Shandong innovation and entrepreneurship education guide library, a visiting professor of Shandong Polytechnic vocational college, a director of Jining College Council Honorary president of Jining Translation Association, honorary president of Jining film and Television Industry Association and vice president of Jining Zaozhuang chamber of Commerce.

This time, chairman Qu Qing was awarded the honorary title of "excellent honest entrepreneur in Shandong Province", which is a reaffirmation of our group's achievements in honest management. He said that in the future development, China Coal Group will continue to adhere to the honest and law-abiding operation, never forget the original intention, remember the mission, act as, pay close attention to the implementation, constantly improve the enterprise credit level, give full play to the exemplary and leading role, better serve customers and contribute to the society, so as to vigorously promote the construction of social integrity system in the whole province, Comprehensively open a new chapter in the construction of a strong modern Province in an innovative era and make more contributions!

China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing Won The Honorary Title Of Excellent Honest Entrepreneur In Shandong Province