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What Are The Usage Conditions For Curved Track Dump Mine Wagon?

270 Date: 2023-04-27 Tag: mine wagon mine car mining car

How to use a curved dump mine wagon and what to pay attention to when using it. Below, the editor will explain in detail:

1. Curved dump mine wagon can be used underground, on the ground, or in high temperature areas, but when used in high temperature areas, some spare parts, such as rubber bumpers, need to be replaced.

2. This side overturning mining car can be used alone or in series. The number of series connections depends on the usage conditions, geographical conditions, and traction equipment. The maximum allowable traction force of the connector must not be exceeded.

3. When used in series, the movable pin end of the dump mine wagon faces the fixed pin end equipped with a three ring chain. The two mining trucks slowly approach, rotate the movable latch to align the pin head on the latch with the groove in the latch lock ring, pull out the latch, and at the same time, point the three ring chain towards the groove of the collision head. When the two collision heads come into contact, the three ring chain extends into the collision head, inserts the latch into the lock ring, and rotates half a circle.

4. When the side dump mining car is running, it is necessary to check whether the wheels rotate flexibly and whether the anti detachment bolt strength is sufficient. Especially when the side dump mining car is running in an inclined tunnel, it must use a steel wire rope. Before driving, carefully check the safety rope, pin, ring, and other safety devices for inserting and connecting the hook, which must be safe and reliable. If the dump mine wagonexperiences derailment or other faults in the inclined lane, it should be stopped immediately. The driver should stick to their position and press the brake tightly to prevent the car from running away.

What Are The Usage Conditions For Curved Track Dump Mine Wagon?