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Congratulate China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing Attending Rencheng District People'S Congress In Jining City

From January 8 to 10, the Third Session of the Third People's Congress of Rencheng District, Jining City, was grandly held at the Soundworld Stage. 354 deputies from all walks of life and all fronts of the district gathered together to focus on the overall situation of the district, conscientiously fulfill the sacred duties conferred by the Constitution and laws, and seek to develop Rencheng District in the new era. The chairman of China Coal Group, Qu Qing, attended the meeting as a deputy of Rencheng District People's Congress, and actively fulfill their duties and responsibilities, and make suggestions and recommendations.

Since the election of the third session of the Rencheng District People's Congress, he actively fulfill the duties of the people's Congress, always with a passionate representative of the feelings of concern for people's livelihood, reflecting public opinion, conveying people's voices, safeguarding the interests of the people, and conscientiously fulfill the duties entrusted to them by the Constitution and the law, and actively undertake social responsibility, with his performance and practice show the style of the new era of the people's Congress.

Under the leadership of Chairman Quqing, China Coal Group has experienced 30 years of leapfrog development, and has always been firm in its goals and steady in its development, adhering to a blueprint to the end, and moving forward with solid work and watering the harvest with sweat. From the beginning of a traditional enterprise, has now developed into a 53 holding companies, more than 1,100 employees, with coal mining machinery and construction machinery as the leader, set of intelligent equipment manufacturing, e-commerce, information technology, software research and development, big data, film and television media, education and training, science and technology incubation in one of the cross-regional, cross-industry diversified large-scale group.

In order to build an international first-class brand of China Coal, the chairman of the board of directors, Quqing, constantly promotes the enterprise to take the road of transformation and upgrading of high-end, intelligent and green, implements the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and talent-driven development, successively attracts high-quality talents to form a high-quality team of product research and development and technological research, and carries out the research and development of "high-precision and top-notch" products, and attacks key core technologies, improves product quality and enhances product safety and efficiency. We will continue to carry out the R&D of "high, precise and sharp" products, attack key core technologies, improve the core competitiveness of products, accelerate the construction of green factories, and promote intelligent transformation and digital transformation. In the next step, China Coal Group will seriously study the spirit of the government's work report, take the initiative to integrate into the overall development of the region, implement the report's goals and tasks into each of the Group's work, always adhering to the spirit of the enterprise responsible for the country, responsible for the community, responsible for the customers, responsible for the employees, accelerate the high-quality development, make every effort to enhance the manufacturing industry's digital, networked and intelligent development, and continue to improve the welfare and treatment of the staff, and strive to build a "high-quality development". We will accelerate high-quality development, make every effort to enhance the digital, networked and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry, continuously improve the welfare of employees, strive to build "Green China Coal, Intelligent China Coal, Digital China Coal and Happy China Coal", and endeavor to contribute to the economic and social development of the whole region and city.

The new blueprint has been drawn, the new journey has begun, but only unremitting struggle, can live up to the trust. The chairman of the board of directors said, as a representative of the third session of the National People's Congress of Rencheng District, deeply shouldered the responsibility and burden, will certainly convey the spirit of the National People's Congress meeting, the implementation of the spirit of the effective fulfillment of the duties of the representative of the voters to live up to the trust of the voters, emancipation of the mind, keep the right and innovative, pragmatic and pragmatic, and united struggle, in order to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Rencheng District, and to make a new and greater contribution.

Congratulate China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing Attending Rencheng District People'S Congress In Jining City